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A Collection of Surface Ocean CO2 Observations Quality Controlled by the Science Community
  The Surface Ocean Lower Atmosphere Study   The International Ocean Carbon Coordination Project
  Integrated Marine Biogeochemistry and Escosystem Research  
  Version 5 Data Products: Products using SOCAT

ESMValTool (v1.0) - A tool for evaluation of Earth System Models in CMIP: Eyring, V., Righi, M.,  Lauer, A., Evaldsson, M.,  Wenzel, S., Jones, C., Anav, A., Andrews, O., Cionni, I., Davin, E. L., Deser, C., Ehbrecht, C., Friedlingstein, P., Gleckler, P., Gottschaldt, K.-D., Hagemann, S., Juckes, M., Kindermann, S., Krasting, J., Kunert, D., Levine, R., Loew, A., Mäkelä, J., Martin, G., Mason, E., Phillips, A., Read, S., Rio, C., Roehrig, R., Senftleben, D., Sterl, A., Van Ulft, L. H., Walton, J., Wang, S., Williams, K. D. (2016) ESMValTool (v1.0) - a community diagnostic and performance metrics tool for routine evaluation of Earth system models in CMIP. Geoscientific Model Development 9: 1747-1802, doi:10.5194/gmd-9-1747-2016.

The Surface Ocean pCO2 Mapping Intercomparison (SOCOM) compares 14 data based mapping methods, 10 of them using SOCAT:
Rödenbeck, C., Bakker, D. C. E., Gruber, N., Iida, Y., Jacobson, A.R., Jones, S., Landschützer, P., Metzl, N., Nakaoka, S., Olsen, A., Park, G.-H., Peylin, P., Rodgers, K. B., Sasse, T. P., Schuster, U., Shutler, J. D., Valsala, V., Wanninkhof,  R., Zeng, J. (2015) Data-based estimates of the ocean carbon sink variability - First results of the Surface Ocean pCO2 Mapping intercomparison (SOCOM). Biogeosciences 12: 7251-7278. doi:10.5194/bg-12-7251-2015.

Oceanflux Greenhouse Gases Evolution Project (2014-2016), Greenhouse Gases Project (2011-2013) and FluxEngine.


Landschützer, P., Gruber, N., Bakker,, D. C. E. (2015) A 30 years observation-based global monthly gridded sea surface pCO2 product from 1982 through 2011.

Landschützer, P., Gruber, N., Bakker, D. C. E., Schuster, U. (2014) An observation-based global monthly gridded sea surface pCO2 product from 1998 through 2011 and its monthly climatology, available on:

Zeng, J. (2014) Reconstructed surface ocean CO2 in 1990-2011 with link to a feed-forward neural network model in NetCDF format. doi:10.1594/PANGAEA.834398.

Rödenbeck, C., Keeling, R. F., Bakker, D. C. E., Metzl, N., Olsen, A., Sabine, C. L., Heimann, M. (2013) Global surface-ocean pCO2 and sea-air CO2 fluxes available on

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