Data Submission and Quality Control

For submitting data and for quality control of data, please, go to If you do not have an account please request one by sending a mail to

Metadata should always accompany data. The SOCAT metadata requirements are detailed in the SOCAT cookbook (2018). Please, use this guidance for providing metadata information. SOCAT accepts metadata in any format (OME, pdf, etc). SOCAT encourages data providers to use this metadata template, which aligns with the metadata requirements for the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal Indicator 14.3.1. However, the SOCAT global group acknowledges that there are several omissions in the SDG metadata template, and the SOCAT metadata template has a few additional fields.

For more information on how to submit or quality control data, please go to the SOCAT help page.

  • Data submission for SOCATv2022: 14th of January 2022
  • Quality control for SOCATv2021: 31st of March 2022
Time line
  • Aim for release of SOCATv2021: 14th of June 2022