09/2015SOCAT/SOCOM event and release of SOCATv3 at the SOLAS Open Science Conference in Kiel, Germany. REPORT

01/2015 – SOCAT meeting at the final CARBOCHANGE meeting, Bergen, Norway

10/2014 – SOCAT automation meeting at NOAA/PMEL, Seattle, USA. REPORT

06/2014 – SOCAT community event at the IMBER Open Science Conference, Bergen, Norway. REPORT

06/2013 – SOCAT Release of Version 2 and Science Highlights, side event at ICDC9, Beijing, China. REPORT

10/2012 – SOCAT Coastal and Artic quality control workshop at NOAA/PMEL, Seattle. REPORT

07/2012– SOCAT planning meeting for quality controlling SOCAT version 2 was held in Tsukuba, Japan. REPORT

05/2012 – SOCAT automation meeting was held in Seattle, USA. REPORT

09/2011 – SOCAT public release and SOCAT automation meeting was held at UNESCO in Paris, France. REPORT

06/2010 – SOCAT Southern Ocean and Indian Ocean regional workshop was held in Hobart, Australia.

02/2010 – SOCAT Equatorial Pacific, North Pacific, and Indian Ocean regional workshop was held in Tokyo, Japan. REPORT

06/2009 – SOCAT Atlantic and Southern Ocean regional workshop was held at UEA in Norwich, UK.  REPORT

03/2009 – SOCAT Pacific regional workshop was held at NIES in Tsukuba, Japan. REPORT

01/2009 – SOCAT coastal regional workshop was held at IFM/GEOMAR in Kiel, Germany. REPORT

06/2008 – Second technical meeting was held at UNESCO, Paris. REPORT

12/2007 – First technical meeting was held in Bremen, Germany REPORT

04/2007 – At the “Surface Ocean CO2 Variability and Vulnerability” (SOCOVV) workshop at UNESCO, Paris. Participants agreed to establish a global surface CO2 data set that brings together all publicly available data in a common format. SOCAT was initialized and regional groups established. REPORT